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History of Ankhara

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It is the year 1353 BC and a new rule is about to begin in the Lands of Ancient Egypt Amennophis III and his consort Tiye is dead and young Prince Amenophis IV is to take over the reins of this great country.

This King and his Chief wife Nefertiti are to begin a new and heretical religion, they remove all references to Amon-Re and the other Gods that Egyptians had worshipped for centuries. He even goes so far as to change his name to Akhenaten and Nefertiti changes hers to Nefernefrauaten-Nefertiti and then he makes an even bigger mistake. Akhenaten removes the capital city from Thebes to el-Amarna so beginning a new age in art and faith.

It is in this land where fountains are bountiful, roads have been built and beautiful buildings grace the land. Laughter, Music and Dance are everywhere. And a young boy is born to The Lady Kiya one of the other wives of Akhenaten his name is Tutankhamun .

Amongst the six Princesses daughters of Nefertiti and Tutankhamun the son of Akhenaten, there is another child a girl born to one of the many nameless wives of the King. Her daughter is called ANKHARA.

She grows up in this land knowing only love and laughter, until one day when she is sixteen years old Ankhara is told that she must marry. The thought of this terrifies the girl, as she has no knowledge of the man. So, she waits with fear and trepidation for the day when she must leave her fatherís house and go to that of another man.

The Prince she marries is not so fearful a character and looks after her; she still lives within el-Amarna, until the fateful day when she is to have her baby. Now Ankhara is some nineteen years old and delighted at the prospect of becoming a mother but both motherhood and life are to be denied her. But during her labour she loses her grip on life and both mother and baby go into the Spirit World.

Until the middle twentieth century when Ankhara was reborn.